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Cleetrimber69 11th Apr 2016

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hi phoenixers
I know some of you guys are tech heads and run ur i devices jailbroken, can anyone help me decide to do it? 
Iv been online but ended up confusing myself more than informing! I get it that it voids any warranty but im confused as to whether its availble for current version of ios,????? 
Any help regarding this would be awsome! Thanks 

As always shoot d reds cap d caves 7 attack !!!! 
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Mikecoombs 12th Apr 2016

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Always steered clear of jail breaking bud,Apple won't touch you if you do it if there's something you want go to vshare.com they do 2 versions broken or unbroken ,just click unbroken install the profile then go to home screen and click share icon,there pretty much everything there,put in search engine moviebox,it's got all the latest films in hd including dead pool ,Star Wars etc,teamspeak 3 is there if u don't wanna pay,for moviebox you will need to put in a vpn but not connect to it for some reason any of the free uk ones or maybe someone on here and endorse and decent free vpn,
After u have selected what you want click on install and wait be patient,if it hasn't done it in 2 mins then click again sometimes it gets stuck
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Cleetrimber69 12th Apr 2016

Joined: 18th Nov 2014
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Awsome thanks for prompt and helpful tech support today!! Cheers mcmc
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MrFantome 17th Apr 2016

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The most important is that for example you jailbroken your device but you need to get it repair you need to delete all the stuff that says "This device is jailbroken" (PS: No such files). What you should do then is to erase all the files from the report bug section then unistall all jailbroken apps and unistall the jailbreak from your phone. After this all data is lost so make sure you saved it somewhere, then reactivate it from iTunes and it look nice and clean. Still under Warranty.
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