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Papakat332 (Requiem) 23rd Oct 2015

Joined: 23rd Oct 2015
Rank: Ambassador
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Hi Thankyou for the honour of being part of your fine forum I'm here representing our new clan REQUIEM . Myself SK8xtrm and  lilbigdaddy founded Requiem only this week but as most of you already know us I'm sure you will be expecting us to grow as we are. I have so,e very good relationships with a lot of you and toon regular with a few. I'm hoping we will become close clans and keep up the friendship I have built with a few. If there is anything I can help with or problems with any members I'm your man so hit me up  once we are up and running properly I'm sure we will be arranging some clan events which you won't be invited too simply as you all love killing Papakat lol . I'm joking you will be top of the list . Have fun out there. 

Peace and love Papakat332/abaddon1308 
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Amaunet85 23rd Oct 2015

Joined: 22nd Jun 2015
Rank: Diplomat
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Welcome hun, and good luck on these new endeavours! =) If there's anything I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask!
Looking forwards to HEing your behind in ICE
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Niounia 24th Oct 2015

Joined: 22nd Jun 2015
Rank: Propaganda Officer
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καλησπερα κουμπαρε. good luck with your new clan
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fourdiesel 24th Oct 2015

Joined: 24th Jun 2015
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papakat what you said to me: ''do what makes you happy''. Good luck Alex. As long as I can still kill you, its all fine by me.
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Papakat332 (Requiem) 24th Oct 2015

Joined: 23rd Oct 2015
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Thanks Sten your a legend the thing is as we are close clans there is now a ban on killing Papakat dimi's orders)
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back2black 24th Oct 2015

Joined: 22nd Jun 2015
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All the best mate, it is hard work, but at the end you will be rewarded by a great clan. My general advice is do not get mad with recruitment and make sure you let in your clan worthy people. Respect your members, as a clan is not a name or a website or a "big boss" commander but the members who form it.
As I said before, we will support you in any way you need.

(i never gave such an order! if you are red, you are dead )

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Papakat332 (Requiem) 24th Oct 2015

Joined: 23rd Oct 2015
Rank: Ambassador
Posts: 21
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Dimi wise words Thankyou you are so right all we are are the people taking the headaches the guys out on the field are the ones who will make us look good hey and that order you did give it I'm sure lol
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