World of Tanks Blitz - 61 The Tournament, part 3
Amaunet85 21st Oct 2016
Until two hours later, M8 contacted me again and took back what they said. They didn't want to exchange anyone, and wanted us to exchange members instead, and stick with the proposed time WG had given on Monday - only, that time was never official, but a proposal, even if the phrasing was unlucky, especially since there was never a reaction to us not being able to make the proposed time until Wednesday.

I can't and won't blame M8, mind you, but omg, I was so frustrated that we had to start all over again - and M8 still couldn't/wouldn't play the other evenings either. At this point, I gave up and put the ball back in WG's court. I had tried everything I could to settle this for them, together with Sten, it didn't work, and now WG would have to sort it themselves. With two teams that could make it both days, and with M8 and us being able to only make it one day, there wasn't a majority ruling for either date either.

In the end, WG decided to put the semifinals on Saturday after all, partly because M8 should still have a full team, and because Phoenix was first in our group, and M8 second in theirs, making us the 'better seed', as WG put it. And of course, because they put everything on Saturday, it was all biased, WG was doing what Phoenix was telling them to, etc. It was exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I fully get why M8 was unhappy, frustrated, angry, all of that, I wouldn't be happy in their spot either, but really, there's no way WG would do what any one clan would tell them to, or any one person. I dislike the fact that The_honour placed it all at my feet, but it's not the first time someone tried to blame me for things I didn't do and it won't be the last.

But then stories were changed again and suddenly M8 wouldn't have a full team on Saturday either. M8 then said that they'd refuse to play on Saturday but would be ready to play on Sunday any time. Then they said they would play after all, with extra team members. Whether it was bad communication, miscommunication or something else, I don't know, but all of that doesn't sit well with me still, the way things just kept being changed. It was frustrating and exhausting. And when WG asked me about the reasons why so many of our team couldn't play on Sunday I nearly had a fit, fearing the whole big pile of crap would start all over again and we were back at square one. Thank goodness that he just wanted to have a better understanding, and wasn't asking with the idea to reschedule things -again-.

By now, Sten and I, and I'm fairly sure the rest of the team and the other teams were fairly done with it all. We just wanted things to be over and done with. Aside from all of that, WG had asked us to prepare our details and passports for the visa applications, so before we even knew if we'd be going, we had to decide who on the team would be going to NYC if we'd win. That just made things awkward, since people would have different things on their mind aside from the battles at hand.

We were still fairly sure the random map thing was what broke the tournament system, even though WG kept saying that that wasn't it. But they did set a map for the matches on Saturday. The semifinals would start on Fort Despair and the finals would start on Mines, but the maps after that we'd only see when the rooms were made, which was just fine with us.

In between here, I contacted the US Embassy with a question with regards to what I had to fill in on my visa-application (things are complicated with me). I had a reply within an hour. And then it hit home with me. The US government was actually quicker to reply to questions than WG. I'll just repeat that: the US -government- was faster than -WG-.

On Friday evening, we got together with Fanzone and played all the maps we would possibly be getting on Saturday. It was a great warming up, and they made great opponents, keeping us on our toes and constantly trying to counter our tactics. It was just lovely.

Then Saturday came and WG changed what they said -again-. The whole semi finals would now take place on Fort Despair and the whole finals would now take place on Mines. Five games on Mines is a lot - it's not for nothing they're re-doing that map. And we knew that our tactics are only really good the first match, and become a liability the next match. But first we had to reach the finals.

M8 had managed to get a team together after all, and we loaded into the game. Slava, noob that he was, forgot to press ready and didn't stream the first battle. This had happened last week too, but now, according to the tinfoil-hat-brigade, it was because he didn't want to stream us. Luckily he did manage it the second game. We won the semifinals quite convincingly.

But then came the finals. And everything went to hell. We don't know what happened. I mean, it's all on the stream, we saw what we did - we don't know why. We didn't play like ourselves, we were uncoordinated, we did things we normally didn't do, stuck with things we knew wouldn't work. I was there on ts with the guys as it happened. They weren't overly nervous, they weren't busy with who we were meeting, but it's like there was a collective blackout in the team. We don't know what happened, or why. But it happened. And it sucks.

We lost the finals.

But I couldn't be any prouder of my guys. The fact that the whole of the team said Gg at the end to our enemies, made me so proud. They took it with such dignity. And on ts it was the same. There was no blaming, no cussing, nothing negative. Not towards ourselves as a team, not towards the Legion. We owned up to the fact we didn't do well and to the way we lost. We were together, as a team, and we hated but accepted what happened - together.

As we did that, we were joined by our clansmen, and we were just -together-. We were reminded of how far we had come, how well we had fought overall, that shit happens, but that we should be so proud of what we've done. That these few battles were not representative for us as a clan. And we made jokes, got each other to laugh. It was heartwarming to see the Clan come together like that, to hear all that and to be a part of it. It's one of the many reasons I am so happy to be in Phoenix, and why I'm so proud to be with this clan.

Part of me wants to end there, with the warm feeling in my heart just remembering that. But that's not where the tournament-stuff ended.
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