World of Tanks Blitz - 61 The Tournament, part 4
Amaunet85 21st Oct 2016
On Sunday, I think we were all a little hungover. I was out almost all day and didn't get to play or ts at all. And I didn't like that. Now more than ever I wanted to be with my clan. But the break from it was good too. With everything that was going on, it felt weird to not have to stress anymore about the unclarity of the rules, the lack of clear answers, and the fact that they kept changing the conditions.

WG asked me to keep our information and passports at the ready, in case the Legion didn't manage to get their things sorted. But because I had gotten wg to lower the age-limit and had them spell out crystal clear how it would work and what people would need, the Legion had had plenty of time to prepare and got their stuff sorted. And it's good that they're going to NYC themselves. They've earned it, and they should enjoy the prize they get for it.

As for the team, we're still trying to figure out exactly what happened, why we weren't ourselves. We still need to get together as a team and review what happened - then talk about how we can prevent it from happening in the future. But it's been good to hear that back from clans we've fought before - the way we fought in the finals wasn't like Phoenix at all. And I think it's very good for us to have that confirmed, and know that it's not just our own imagination to think that.

The amount of feedback and messages we got from all over the place has been amazing - I'm still getting messages, and it's lovely. We may not have won the finals, but we've won a lot this tournament, in many more ways than one, and I feel we shouldn't underestimate that. People are impressed with the way we've carried ourselves, both in victory and defeat, and quite frankly, so am I. Like I've mentioned before, we have quite a few youngsters in our clan, not to mention our hotheads, and their behaviour has been next to impeccable regarding this. I'm really impressed, and couldn't be more proud.

Now, one last thing I want to come back to, is Wargaming. I have never been more frustrated with Wargaming, and because of that with the game itself, as I have been these last few weeks. I do not blame that on the people that I actually talk to there. The staff we have is very understaffed, and they have to manage the English-community things for the EU-server for all games Wargaming has with just a few people. They do their best, and as people, I really like and respect them. Not to mention the amount of channels things have to go through before they can actually reply to a question or request. That's why I don't refer to the staff as individuals in this blog, but at the frustrating points refer to the organisation instead.

Because of this whole thing, I have had a lot of contact with them, and basically harassed them quite a bit. They didn't shut me out or up, they didn't lose their temper with me, they were polite and tried hard to get me the answers I needed. On Saturday, right after the conclusion of the tournament, one of them went out of their way to thank me for all the effort I put into trying to make this thing run smoothly. That goes a long way towards easing my frustration.

But as an organisation, Wargaming has a lot to learn from this. And I mean a -lot-. I really hope that for once, they will heed the feedback they'll be getting and that they'll actually listen to the community/communities. The start would be to make clear rules for both Wargaming and the people participating (think of the age-limit, for one), and to actually stick to the rules (think of the streaming problems). And it's not just EU. The fact that there were different sets of rules across all four servers is, in my opinion, ridiculous. Because, even if the staff between servers don't coordinate together, by now, players from all servers do coordinate together, and that brought to light quite a few differences between the servers.

On RU server, they basically played the tournament twice, and a number of clans were invited to the playoffs, rather than earning their way their way there. On Asia server, 1024 entered the tournament, instead of the 512 we had. On NA server, teams existed of 7 players + 1 reserve only. Heck, we already had problems with just having 3 reserves, I can't imagine how frustrating that must have been for them. But where we had to pick our teams based on who would be able to go to the offline event (even though we didn't know when or where that was), NA's winner got to exchange a number of members in their team with people from their clan so they had a team to go. And I'm fairly sure the lower age-limit was unique to EU.

We had a topic that started with a giant post that listed a ton of rules here on EU, where vague sentences made things very unclear and chaotic. On Asia server, the same topic exists, but then with much clearer formatting. Same vagueness though. On NA's forum, I haven't been able to find -any- topic regarding any rules or explanations, and nothing was linked in their newspost either, but all the rules were apparently shared in the game itself.

And that's just the way things were broadcast. Then you get all the differences in other areas. On RU, the prize package works entirely different. First place gets 50k gold per team, second 25k, third 12k, fourth 7k. On Asia and NA, it'd be 10k per player for those not going to the offline event, second place gets 5k gold per player, third place gets 4k gold per player, and fourth place gets 3k gold per player. On EU, it's also 10k gold per player that's not going to the offline event, but second place gets 6k gold and third place and fourth both get 4k gold.

I'm very sure that if I dig deeper, I'll find even more. When I originally asked the staff if the age-limit could be lowered, one of the reasons I thought it was taking so long to get a reply was because it'd have to be coordinated with all servers. But there was no coordination between any of the servers, and finding that out just frustrates me all the more. If you want to hold a proper world tournament, you can not have a different set of rules per server. Let alone a different prize-package for every server.

I'm someone that wants things to be organised properly, clearly, so that everyone knows what's expected of them from the start and so that everyone is treated fairly. I fully understand that, this being the first ever Blitz-tournament, things wouldn't be flawless. Technical difficulties happen, and that's fine too - nothing that can be done about that, and nothing that can be done to prepare for it. But I wasn't prepared for the number of things that were vague, chaotic, flawed and unfair, all things considered.

So please, Wargaming, the next time you want to do something like this, ask for help and actually listen. Coordinate across the servers. Make sure the rules are clear and then do not deviate from the rules set, or deviate across all servers. Only then will you end up with one tournament, instead of four different ones. And if you want it to be four different ones, fine, but then don't broadcast it as if it's one event, because it really isn't.
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