2nd Inter Clan Event (ICE)
back2black 17 Comments · Likes · Like · 28th Jun 2015
The 2nd Inter Clan Event will take place on the 10th of July 2015. It will start at 7pm UK time. Again we will log in into LOCA's team speak server, we will have designated rooms under our new clan Phoenix. Most of you took part in the 1st ICE so you know how things will run, but I will post more information as we are closing to that date. 

This will be the first event that Phoenix will take part at. Let's make it a blast ! 

all the best

10th Jul 2015 gfkjfc
This is great, but... I don't know LOCA's TS server!
4th Jul 2015 vega79
Ah cool this clan event but i can't participate sry :)
See you ingale
4th Jul 2015 Dani_Street
we have to participate as legion or phoenix?
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3rd Jul 2015 Amaunet85
x47x, no worries there, the event lasts until like 2am or 3am UK-time XD So you've quite some time to join us ;)
Also; Nemesis; Good luck =P
3rd Jul 2015 x47x
It will be like 5am in australia. I wish you guys held these things just a little bit later... Say 9pm GMT
3rd Jul 2015 x47x
It will be like 5am in australia. I wish you guys held these things just a little bit later... Say 9pm GMT
2nd Jul 2015 penguinkiller
i will be there :D penguins will be killed :3 (hopefully) and phoenix will dominate (hopefully)
29th Jun 2015 MagicKitty
Travel :((
28th Jun 2015 Cleetrimber69
In car entertainment
In cunts everday
Involved cabbage eating
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28th Jun 2015 back2black
and frozen water of course :P
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28th Jun 2015 back2black
ICE is an abbreviation of InterClanEvent
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28th Jun 2015 rumba016
Ice is frozen water bro.
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28th Jun 2015 Justmekillu(khalil)
Nice but guys what is ICE?!
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28th Jun 2015 unkindest
It's ok, they are from EU server. My contact informed me that they will think and confirm their participation later
28th Jun 2015 back2black
As i read your message before finishing my first coffee i didn't understand well that they are already in the eu server. but as i said , they need an entry in the clan lists of WOTBSTARS before they get invited to the ICE
28th Jun 2015 back2black
Hi Slava,

The way clans are getting in the ICE is a listing in the wotbstars website. With them being in a different server and from what I know of how things work, they will not be able to participate. They can come on Teamspeak and things yes, but we will not be able to see them in battle as we are playing in the EU server and they in the Russian one.
28th Jun 2015 unkindest

Recently I made contact with some Russian guys from euroserver. They do form some kind of a clan, but it's not very well organized because they are waiting for ingame clan interface. They don't even have a proper name (working one is USSR). At the moment they simply gather in one social network called vk.com They were quite excited to hear that clans are already quite operational though. So I did mention that we could arrange their participation in next ICE once it scheduled. Please share your thoughts.

Their informal leader http://wotbstars.com/inde ... p;geo=EU&lng=eng
Acquaintance of mine http://wotbstars.com/inde ... p;geo=EU&lng=eng
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