Phoenix Training
back2black 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Sep 2015
Hello all, 

From today there will be a room in teamspeak called "training". Some of you wanted to take on the role of a trainer, so this is your opportunity to share your knowledge with fellow clan members. 

This will not take an official capacity. Meaning that recruits will not have to go through training .... we are not making an academy.

I believe it will be helpful, even though until we can get team battles and training rooms we can not train properly. When that happens, training in an official capacity will start as it will give us the chance to practice tactics and to find roles for all clan members. Also it will be the best opportunity to see who is excellent at leading a battle. 


4th Oct 2015 yaqs2014
Hello!! and Good morning.

I am glad to hear that, since I joined PHNX, I had really improved. My teamwork play style has improved and battle tactics have become much more intelligent. Sharing experiences and knowledge with the clan mates while having fun playing WOT is really helpful to improve skills and tactics.

Great Idea b2b :-)
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3rd Oct 2015 Cleetrimber69
After 20 k + battles I'm trying to learn not to get shot! Ridunkulous I know!!? But serious! Jose is my mentor ! Fred n Phil have been teaching me the ways of the meds! To all I'm greatful and humble!
I actually prefer them to heavies! Anyone have a thumb file? Gotta whittle down these clubs!!!!
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2nd Oct 2015 Loz
Sign me up for Tom's Tortoise Tutorial and Training Time (TBA)
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2nd Oct 2015 Loz
Jamie taught me the medium side hug which is pretty effective when circle of death isn't an option
2nd Oct 2015 Tom7577
I neeeeeed training because I'm a nooooobb. No but seriously though sten is helpful to show me how to play better with Meds because I'm pretty shit with Meds :(
1st Oct 2015 Loz
great, there are times when I've been in battle with Sten and he'll say something I hadn't considered, like go forward to that rock and sidescrape, when I've started trying to reverse out of trouble, training will really help.
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