5th Inter Clan Event (ICE) this Friday 9/10/2015
back2black 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Oct 2015
Hy All, 

This Friday 09/10/2015 at 7pm UK time ( 8pm CET) the 5th ICE will be hosted in our TS server. 

I will like us to be there in force. I am pleased that many of our new recruits and members are very active on our TS server, which shows that they are enjoying being part of Phoenix and that they have found a place in our community. 

Our recruits are more than welcome to participate, log in on TS and use the phnx tag next to your username ( back2black(phnx). 

I hope to see you all there. 


10th Oct 2015 nkrunic
Thanks for hosting ICE tonight it was a pleasure participating, hope breakthrough guys behaved well :)
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9th Oct 2015 Sneaky_45
My first one hope its gona be fun
9th Oct 2015 Huwie
If I get TS working tonight may I drop in? Even just to get a taste of it.
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9th Oct 2015 Boardleaderrrr
I'll be too late for the big event tonight :( have a lot of work.. I'll try to catch up
9th Oct 2015 penguinkiller
got 9 million credits think i should be sorted for the event i could spam only gold and still have tons of credits left :)
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9th Oct 2015 Loz
I'm going solo tonight, thinking is at least I may end up with a unicorn platoon on my team rather than against one every bloody time
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8th Oct 2015 Johan_Q_Irenicus
I will try !
7th Oct 2015 Trevizzz
What's TS? And how do I log on?
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7th Oct 2015 wararch
:( i just got up to 150k credits... never mind then...
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6th Oct 2015 penguinkiller
capppppp the baseeee steal the killssss lose the creditsss and have funnnnnnn
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6th Oct 2015 JonTauno
Working to 2400hrs this time. Thats ok since the time difference. I'll trty to stay awake...
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6th Oct 2015 Amaunet85
Yesssss Cap the event! Steal the damage! Make them kills =D
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