New Chat App for Clan and Recruits
back2black 15 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Feb 2016
Hy All, 

As we did not have an official place to text chat, but were around in Skype, whatsapp and whatnot I decided to create a server on Discord. 

Discord is a free app that in essence combines the functions of Skype/whatsapp/parlingo etc and teamspeak. You have a text channels part and a voice channels part. 

We are going to only use the text channels part as we are too established on teamspeak and there is no point at all to start using discord and split. Unless we ever decide that we do not want to use teamspeak anymore, it remains the clan's official voice comm tool. 

To join the discord server, you will need to download the FREE app or use the browser based app. You will need to register on discord with your email and VERIFY YOUR EMAIL. If you do not verify your email, you will not be able to join unfortunately. 

Please log in with your game username at least for the start so I can know who you are and assign you to the correct server group. You will see that when you first join the server, you will not have access to any channels, until you are assigned a group. This may take a few hours as I can do it only through the browser app, which means I need to be home. 

Clan members and recruits should join as this will allow all of us and especially our recruits to have a common place to chat to each other. 

You will need to follow a link to join the server : ... S7Kk3GBySl

This link will be active for 24 hours, I will keep updating for the next few days, otherwise find someone who is there already and they can create a link for you to join. 

See you there gal and guys! 


29th Oct 2016 SevenRichieWhite
meh... Invite Code is expired :/
why its not permanent available?^^
22nd Apr 2016 x47x
Why is everyone running to PINK?
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12th Mar 2016 [N2KU] Xpectre
Guys, this app looks fantastic and free. With your permission I'll try it and also try to implement it on my team.
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29th Feb 2016 yaqs2014
Heeeeyooooo guys

Thanx dimi. I have just registered with my ingame name (yaqs2014).
19th Feb 2016 JoseOlas
bring back the search!!!!!!! lol
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19th Feb 2016 JoseOlas
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16th Feb 2016 back2black
link updated for another 24h
14th Feb 2016 Aviator609
Have to wait for Dimi or Slava HD, sorry
14th Feb 2016 HiDeathinition
Am on the server....need server group....gogogo....stop camping
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13th Feb 2016 back2black
invite updated on main text
13th Feb 2016 unkindest
new invite code ... S7Kk6SsX4x
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13th Feb 2016 Trevizzz
Anyway, it says that the invite code has expired or is unavaiable. Help?
12th Feb 2016 leevinen3
oh nice
a friend of mine just showed me this app and this far ive loved it, good to know that our clan got one server as well :)
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12th Feb 2016 Aviator609
11th Feb 2016 Niounia
no its shit for android .. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
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