Clan Supply Event
back2black 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Mar 2016
Hy All, 

As you know, with the new update a new clan event was introduced. 

Here is the link with the details : 

wotblitz clan supply event

To summarise : we have almost 4 weeks to bring the clan to supply level 7. If 30 member are at personal clan supply level 7 by that time, then we are all rewarded with 14 days of premium. 

For many of us, 14 days is nothing significant, but for others in our clan it is a very significant boost. 

Furthermore, its nice for all of us to work collectively once again. 

For the duration of the event, toxic_trouble, p264, Lekmir, wot_balkan & maxiclash joined the main clan. 

I hope that they will not only use this time to grin xp, but to familiarise themselves more with the clan. 

p.s. another user player_1235alotofnumbers applied to join the clan as the event started. Both me and our recruiter, unkindest talked to him and agreed for him to be part of the clan for the event. If he takes advantage of his time with us, he may be able to join the clan. 


12th Mar 2016 Maxiclash
b2b i didn`t
join main
12th Mar 2016 Warbladex
This playeralotofnumbers guy is really good and he will be a good addition to Phoenix. But my opinion is that it might not be fair for him to get into Phoenix by that way. I mean, don't get me wrong I have nothing against the guy, I, to be honest really want him in our clan. But isn't joining Phoenix, getting to know people in the clan and socialising with the clan members. He hasn't spoken to me since he joined the clan and I haven't seen him on Discord or ts for that matter. So idk, I mean it looks like Im the buthurt guy now, but it's not what I feel. I think that this should be a good benefit for him but not an instant welcome to the clan. I will not take me as an examlpe. Take Brewie, he is really trying to get into the main clan, it is not given to him he has to pass the vote. But still tanks to him we'll go a long way with the supply lvl of our clan. That's just my opinion, it might be wrong and I might look like I'm buthurt(which I'm not), but that is my take on all of this.
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